New publication released on what the tourists really think of the use of baby monkeys in Marrakech

This month, new research has been published by Stazaker & MacKinnon on “Visitor Perceptions of Captive, Endangered Barbary Macaques (Macaca sylvanus) Used as Photo Props in Jemss El Fna Square, Morocco.” 

This ground-breaking research is the first of its kind to reveal what the tourists truly think of having the monkeys in the square.  Over 500 people were interviewed in the famous UNESCO square. A shocking 80% of tourists did not realise that the practice is illegal and 66% of those believed it should be. Only 16% of tourists believed the monkeys made Marrakech more lively and interesting. The findings seem to suggest that having the monkeys in the Square is actually putting tourists off, rather than encouraging them to the world-famous site. 

You can access the publication here: 

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